Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that I run

Global Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a frame of mind that can be learnt and cultivated. It is not only about making money but more about making a difference and transforming the world. Global Entrepreneurship is a collaborative course between Taylor’s University, Open Learning and Pozible. The course aims at unleashing the potential of everyone participating. Students will be working on real entrepreneurial projects, in teams of students from other parts of the world. Students will be using crowd funding techniques to realise projects that will have a global positive impact. Get ready to change the world!



Entrepreneurship is the art of creating value through making the world a better place for both yourself and those who get in touch with your business activities. Taking this module, you will learn and practice the basics of entrepreneurship and most importantly, you will make money. As a matter of fact, making money is a requirement to successfully complete this module.


Scaling up Excellence - How to run a world class MOOC

Welcome to the Mooc on how to create and run an effective MOOC.  The fundamental ideas are not hard but that may be a bit different to the ways you have approached teching before.  In this course we will help you create your first MOOC and guide in designing and making it an effective and successful course. Teachers of effective MOOCS find the experience very enjoyable a fulfilling.  We will do our best to help you experience this pleasure! This MOOC starts on 8 May.

Success - Achieve Success with Emotional Intelligence

Success and happiness are what most of us chase for most of our lifetimes. Interestingly, however, little is taught in schools about how to achieve success beyond the academic measures.


CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) and Project Based Learning are at the forefront of advancing personalised learning and enabling students to learn and realise their potential. One of the most successful students’ projects I initiated is the Taylor’s Racing Team. Transforming the challenges they faced into opportunities, the students beat the odds and built amazing cars that went on to win multiple awards. A living example to the motto of “Dream Big, Be Different, Have Fun!”